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February 2014

Movie Review!

Tim Challies recently gave some excellent thoughts about the upcoming release of the movie “The Son of God.” I encourage you to read them! I can tell you that I am not planning on taking my family to it though I may some time in the future see it more out of curiosity. Then again, I never did bother to see Mel Gibson’s Passion and I don’t feel I have missed much.

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I Am Not Skilled to Understand

Here is a great hymn text to consider. It was written by Dorthy Greenwell in 1873.   I am not skilled to understand What God hath willed, what God hath planned; I only know that at His right hand Is One Who is my Savior! I take Him at His word indeed; “Christ died for sinners”—this I read; For in my heart I find a need Of Him to be my Savior! That He should leave His place on high And come for sinful man to die, You count it strange? So once did I, Before I knew my Savior!…

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Philosophy and Science

“Philosophy and science have not always been friendly toward the idea of God, the reason being that they are dedicated to the task of accounting for things and are impatient with anything that refuses to give an account of itself. The philosopher and the scientist will admit that there is much that they do not know; but that is quite another thing from admitting that there is something which they can never know, which indeed they have no technique for discovering. To admit that there is One who lies beyond us…requires a great deal of humility, more than most of…

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