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March 2015

Dangerous Loves

I love sports. I love competition. But loves are dangerous things. Loves can be misplaced and misused. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated highlights these dangers in his interview of U.S. Goalkeeper Tim Howard on the release of Howard’s new book: The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them. In the interview, Howard is asked, “You also write that your pursuit of greatness made staying married difficult. Is that more common among top-level athletes than most people realize?” Howard responds to the divorce question with stunning candor: “I think so. The divorce rate among athletes is staggering. You see…

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Atheists, Abraham, and Isaac

Introduction Sometimes atheists love the Bible: at least portions of the Bible that fit their narrative. One particular portion that New Atheists1 love is the account of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac in obedience to Yahweh (God). For such atheists, Abraham’s “child abuse” provides them with a sort of bully club that they can use to bash all those who would cling to the Bible. These atheists club Bible people in two ways. First, they use the Abraham/Isaac account as a means to demonstrate that Christians do not really think the Bible is a good standard for morality since it…

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