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April 2016


A few days ago I was blessed to be at a banquet for a particular Christian institution. The banquet existed to raise funds for this institution, and they did a wonderful job serving over 450 guests. At that banquet, I saw greatness on display. As I was chatting away at my table, I noticed two servers in particular: a husband and wife who are friends of my wife and I. They were serving plates of delicious food to the various tables and cleaning up our dirty dishes after we had finished. What struck me about these two servers was not…

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Plain and Ordinary

I am so glad that God uses ordinary things to produce extraordinary results. This afternoon, I am preparing to teach the children of Sunrise Bible Church a lesson on how God works in our world through His church. One of the points I will be emphasizing is how most church activities are rather plain and ordinary: ordinary and plain like vanilla ice cream in the midst of a hundred other choices. The primary activities of a local church, as described in the Bible, include preaching and teaching the Word, singing songs of praises to God, fellowshipping with other believers, exhorting…

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